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  David de Warenne    


What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Trance is a natural organic state that humans move through to various degress throughout the day.

HYPNOSIS is any technique (consciously or unconsciously applied) that shifts our minds perception to that of an altered state that we call commonly call ‘trance’.

Humanity has been consciously doing this for thousands of years to gain access not only to the recesses of their subconscious mind, but to the greater Universal mind as well.

We constantly go into hypnotic trance throughout the day whenever we engage in activities that make us ‘focus’ on a focal point… Watching the television, a movie or reading create trance within us, as does engaging in a more ‘peripheral vision’ state such as that which we experience whilst driving, (Highway hypnosis), walking in the nature, and daydreaming.      

All of these and more are hypnotic. Here our brainwave patterns slow to that of an Alpha Brain-wave state. The most naturally occurring times for this are, just as we are falling to sleep, and when we are just waking up.  So as we can see ‘Hypnosis is really a natural state of human function.

The word ‘Hypnosis’ was first coined to describe this State of being’ by Dr James Braid, a Scottish surgeon in the mid 1800’s. Braid has been called the ‘Father’ of modern hypnosis and coined the word ‘Hypnosis’ itself.

Actually a misdemeanour, the word ‘Hypnosis’ is taken from the ancient Greek word ‘Hypnos’ (to sleep), But Hypnosis isn’t Sleep at all, rather it is an even more aware state of being than what we experience as ‘fully awake’. Unfortunately the word has stuck and sometimes creates a negative connotation towards the modality, as do the many other myths surrounding Hypnosis.

Whilst in a hypnotic state we can access the Subconscious mind that not only stores EVERYTHING that we have every experienced, but is the governing factor of our whole human experience and existence. The Subconscious mind is the software that holds the programming that we, as a super computer are running on. And of course a computer can only ever do what we program (our beliefs and conditioning) into that computer and NOTHING ELSE.

So if we wish to experience different results in our lives than what we are currently, then it only makes sense that we must reprogram our inner computer with software (Downloads)
Enter Hypnosis!

HYPNOTHERAPY on the other hand is merely Hypnosis being used in a therapeutic role.
If you would like to experience Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy to support your health or well-being, or to assist in creating a ‘success’ mind-set for yourself, then please book an appointment today.