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  David de Warenne    

David teaches us how INTENT is a powerful agent for conscious creation; how we can honour 'our own truth’ in the face of everybody else’s ‘truth’ and to understand that we are not our current circumstances, but their creator. 

He helps us to realise that the universe is our trusted and powerful ally in creation, which we are connect to at all times, and that we have the free will and choice to do, be, have or experience anything that we choose to. 

He shows us how everything is already perfect within our lives right NOW, and why this specific understanding is important for us to fully accept and embrace we we currently are within the deliberate creation process.  


So you are invited to choose for yourself.
What is it that you want out of this life?
Do you have the courage to claim it now for yourself?
If you are unsure, then allow me to show you how!
He will share aspects of neuroscience (how the mind works) of how to keep our thoughts and emotions aligned with that which we desire to attract into our lives, along with showing us how hidden ‘DON’T WANTS’ and 'RESISTANCE' can continually block us, and keep us from achieving those dreams that seem to always stay just out of our reach. He offers techniques that can dissolve these hidden resistances and their accompanying and limiting core beliefs. David will also share a step by step process of how to align our thoughts and emotions with that which we desire so that we, through the universal laws, attract and ultimately receive that which our heart desires, whether they be financial goals, job and career related, relationships, perfect heath and well-being, specific experiences such as 'how to create that dream vacation destination, and creating the lifestyle that we always wished to live.  

He will help you to recognise the signs from your own very being, and from the universe itself, that show you that you are indeed on track, on target, and on the way to receiving, becoming and claiming that which you personally desire.

We are literally creating our own reality! 
So how do we align our thoughts with the vibrations of the things that we do want to attract into our lives? David provides a clear and simple ‘path’ to follow so that client each first 'GETS CLEAR' on what they truly CHOOSE to experience within their own individual lives.
It’s ironic that many people, if not most when asked, “What it is that you really want”? Will go on to answer quite typically, that they just don’t really know!
David will show you simply that you in fact ’Do know’ and will encourage youhow to reveal your own seemingly hidden desires.

The Creation Principles, working in accordance with these laws, help us to create the things that we DO WANT in our lives, and not have us keep on unconsciously  creating and attracting more of what we DON’T WANT, which of course most of us have been very good at doing by default for most of our lives. Our thoughts and emotions are very powerful frequencies, which constantly resonate out from us and into the greater universe. This process of this continual resonance is known as 'The Law of Vibration'. Everything in the universe has, and is in essence, a vibration, and looks and functions as it does because of its own particular vibration. These vibrations then attract similar vibrations (Like causes always attract like effects – The Law of Cause and Effect) and through 'The Law of Attraction' (The essence of which is like, unto itself is drawn), bring back to us similar vibrations in the form of similar thoughts, emotions and tangible experiences. We are literally creating our own reality!


'Deliberate',or 'Conscious Creation' as it is also known, is the process of understanding and consciously using what are termed 'Creation Principles' to create the experiences that we would like to choose to experience in our lives.  

Creation principles are a set of internal beliefs that help us to align with the Universal laws including 'The Law of Deliberate Creation', and go on to show us how these laws in essence, are at very centre of how the universe operates, and by gaining an understanding of them we receive an insight of how they function and influence us within our lives.                                                              They also show us exactly why we get, what we have always gotten.