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  David de Warenne    


What Is Coaching?

Although coaching is a specific professional relationship between the coach and the client as described below, My personal coaching style may include aspects of the fields that are similar to coaching such as - mentoring, teaching, consulting and if need be,  therapeutic in approach, which I will weave into our sessions together if necessary, unlocking your greatest potential and guiding you towards claiming the life that you choose.

 David de Warenne
Transformative Coach                                                                                                                     Consultant – Practitioner – Trainer

​Dialogue... "Coaching is a conversation, a dialogue, whereby a coach and coachee interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve goals, enhance performance and move the coachee forward towards greater success."                                                                                                        

Unlocking Potential... "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."                          

Direction... "Coaching is guiding the client towards the specific outcomes that they wish to continually persue for themslves by offering clear direction and ongoing support with skills and processes that will lead them to the sucess that they choose for themselves."                                               

Relationship, Goals and Facilitation... 

"The key features in any good coaching are, that it it is -

Relationship based - 
Personal Coaching involves a relationship between you and the coach that is tailored to your needs and aims.                                                                                            

Goal-focused - You determine the goals of the coaching. The role of the coach is to help you formulate goals in such a way that they have every chance of being achieved and to help you stay focused in working towards those goals.                                                                                    

Facilitative - The coach's role is a supportive one, helping you in processes involved in working towards your goals." 

Fields That Overlap But Are Not The Same As Coaching

Therapy tends to be past-oriented, problem-focused and progress measured while coaching is future-oriented, solution-focused and performance measured.

Training tends to be based on a learning agenda set by the trainer and aimed at transferring skills and understandings from trainer to trainee, while coaching is based on the coachee's agenda and utilises their skills and understandings.

Consulting tends to be based on skills and expertise delivered by the consultant to a business organisation, while coaching is based on developing the skills and expertise of an individual coachee.

Mentoring tends to be a relationship where someone with experience in the mentoree's field shares that experience and advises about career decisions towards a future similar to the path taken by the mentor, while coaching is a relationship where a coach helps the coachee utilise their own experience to set their own goals and work towards those.