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  David de Warenne    


In the Beginning was the Void... and then came the Sacred Sound"                   

An excerpt from 'Song of Waitaha'  -  by Barry Brailsford

Science tells us that everything is energy, and has a frequency, or vibration that holds it in the shape that it has developed into (whether it is organic or non-organic in structure), including human beings including organs and right down to a cellular level within our bodys. So with this understanding that everything is actually vibrating we can understand that everything is actually 'sound'.

Dis - ease (whether mental, emotional or physical in its manifestation) tells us within the very word itself that we are not resonating at a frequency of 'well-being', and that in fact we are out of balance in some way or another.

Sound healing is the transference of sound (Via the human voice or with certain instruments) that positively effects the clients own energetic blueprint, updating and helping it to realign with the natural state of 'well-being'.

Sometimes sound frequency can be likened to 'information' being downloaded, informing and updating the energetic system of the clients body to preform in a certain positive manner, transcending old worn out limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns and replacing them with more desired results, thus being mental, emotonal and physically recognised.

David weaves both the modalities of Sound and Shamanic healing techniques into a beautiful and powerful tapestry of healing potential uniques for each individual client.