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  David de Warenne    


Soul retrieval is a traditional shamanic healing technique that revolves around the                                                                                                                                       concept of 'Soul loss'. One can lose their soul essence in several ways.                                                                                                                                                             When we experience any kind of trauma, whether it be abuse of any kind (physical,                                                                                                                                     mental, emotional), or merely the act of falling off our bike when we were three years                                                                                                                               old, part of our soul leaves so that we do not have to experience the trauma fully.                                                                                                                                       A common example of this would be when we were about to have a car accident, the                                                                                                                                 last place we would wish to be is within our body to then go on to experience the full                                                                                                                                 impact of the accident. Can you remember an experience that had shock accompanying it?                                                                                                                         Often with shock comes the inability to remember what just had occurred during the                                                                                                                             traumatic experience and some confusion exists around the events that had just come to pass.                                                                                                                 This is a common symptom of soul loss and demonstrates to a lesser extent the body / mind / souls ability to endure the impact of such trauma.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When Soul loss occurs and part of our 'soul' steps outside of ourselves to survive the trauma, it usually returns and fully integrates with us under 'normal' circumstances, but due to reasons that we do not fully comprehend, this often is not the case and soul loss remains leaving us without a piece of our vital soul essence. What this then leads on to create is the perceived presence of a void within our lives that we constantly attempt to fill with all sorts of things. ‘Sex, drugs and rock n roll’ is what I light heartedly share with some of my clients as an example of this, who mostly have a sense of understanding around this analogy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     But the truth is not too far removed. We subconsciously feel that something is missing within us and do indeed attempt to fill it as we mature into adulthood with addictions of all kinds, addictive behavioural patterns, relationship issues, including the need to experience one relationship after another, and a whole host of other things to fill the empty void within us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hence the understanding that we unconsciously allow, and attract 'intrusions' that also come to fill this space within us, understanding that no vacuum can exist within this universe and if one thing is removed, then something else must come in and take its place, and that ‘something’ is often something that if we were consciously aware, we would choose very differently about wishing to receive it!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Extraction healing is the method used to remove these 'intrusions' from the body and energetic aspect of a person.

Shaman practitioners understand that everything in the universe is energy, including our thoughts. When we or others direct thoughts, say for instance, of an angry nature, and then associate a particular person to those thoughts, especially when we include seeing an image of them at the same time, then the energy actually goes out and intrudes into the personal energy field of the person in question.

We often hear people say - "I was stabbed in the back", or "her remarks were 'cutting', or even, "It felt like I was punched in the stomach by what he said to me".

Intrusions weigh us down in life and are often unhealthy codependent cords attached to others.

We cannot really be free or authentically empowered when we have codependent relationships with others conscious or otherwise.

Sometimes these and other 'objects' require removing from the client, which are often spiritually seen by myself and other practitioners, and include such things as globs of black tar like substances, or animals such as serpents, spiders or swarms of angry insects like wasps etc from the afflicted areas. Of course these are not literal creatures, but the wisdom of 'Spirit' showing us that there is indeed something that is no longer needed being removed, quite possibly a diseased organ or illness, remembering that all is merely energy, some dense, some less so.

Indigenous cultures often use the words - poison darts, hooks and spears etc. to describe such intrusions, and again, it is not uncommon for me within my shamanic healing practice, to remove those very such things from a person’s energy field from where they have energetically lodged within the body.

We must understand that 'like always attracts like' and although sometimes it may be a hard pill to swallow, the facts are that we attract these energies as a result of the law of vibration and hence the law of attraction brings them into our experience.

'As above, then so below, as with so without' is that age old axon, and when we understand that dis - ease is birthed within the spiritual realms, including the realm of thought, then we can begin to understand how these intrusions then go on to become manifest within the physical body as a dis -ease and/or energy blockages that hinder our very growth and spiritual unfolding.

The Shaman of the Americas speak about the 'Luminous Body', a self-generating field of energy that surrounds our physical bodies, our own personal energy grid, maybe in fact, our true selves?

This luminous sphere is generated by the chakras and the information that they constantly issue forth, which is then consequently passed down through multi-tiered layers of our spiritual being and into our field. In doing so, this information goes on further to inform the mind, which in turn is eventually made manifest into the physical, of which is either beneficial to our overall wellbeing, or in retrospect, is otherwise.

We can often hear people speak of their soul loss within the words that they unconsciously choose to use when talking with us. As a shamanic practitioner when I hear others using words such as -"I was never the same since...”, “It’s like I’m watching my life from above myself", “I feel disassociated from my life", "I was beside myself with grief", etc., then I can mostly be certain that soul loss has occurred to some degree.

The fact is that all of us have experienced soul loss in one form or another, although some to a more or lesser extent.

Sometimes the soul part returns on its own accord when we attain a certain level of healing within ourselves, 'like can only ever attract like', this is the ‘law of vibration’ and so we must have the capacity energetically to receive and embody our missing soul parts.

I have often been witness during group healing sessions with a client where the facilitator to the healing session explains to the client that a soul part is willing to return to them, but firstly they must detox their bodies so that they can successfully integrate and embody that specific soul part. Sometimes this takes diligent effort on the client’s behalf to do the 'self-work' to accommodate this process. All too often we hear from clients that they want a soul retrieval without taking responsibility for themselves to firstly do the self-work, then go on to demonstrate that they are not willing to change aspects of their own lives that would honour both themselves and the soul part.

I have known of healers of high integrity to loving have to say to clients, "sorry", but under no circumstances were they willing to conduct the soul retrieval ceremony for them, only for them to stay within the abusive relationship, addictive behaviour etc., thus sustaining a body temple environment that does not serve anybody concerned, themselves, their soul parts nor the facilitator!

Responsibility seems to be something lacking in our modern world of instant gratification that we have chosen to collectively live in.

The very ‘no-nonsense’, but in my belief, true quotation of, "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always gotten" comes to mind when I consider those who choose not to take self-responsibility for themselves and make an effort to allow change to enter their lives.!

Another aspect of losing part of one’s soul essence is through the act of ‘Soul theft’. Often this is done unintentionally by a dominating figure such as an overly loving parent or partner. We hear people say… “He or she stole my heart” etc. But blame cannot be placed, for at the end of the day we were the ones to allow this to happen, no matter how young we were at the time, and maybe this is part and parcel of our own individual life lessons? That is – not to give our power away to anybody else!

We can also give our soul parts away - When we give away our power to another is an example of this. We have all heard the poor old lonesome cowboy songs that clearly describe this within the lyrics of their songs “I gave her my heart ", or "I left my heart in San Fran Cisco", and the list goes on. My suggestion - Don't give your heart to anybody. They have their own!

It is very interesting that many practitioners of modern psychology and psychotherapy are clamouring to get on board and learn traditional shamanic healing techniques mainly because thee ‘modern’ systems have ‘hit a wall’ with getting the results that they hoped to get with their modalities. Often a ‘talking therapy’ only reinforces the old story (the wound) and nothing has been done on an energetic level within the client, where traditional shamanic techniques claim great success.

It has been quoted many times within the literature that I have researched that one or two sessions of Soul Retrieval are equivalent to five years of psychotherapy!

When Soul retrieval has been succussfully conducted, the 'essence' of the client that left when they experienced the initial 'trauma' (no matter how young or old they were when it happened) returns bringing back with them whatever 'soul essence' left at the time of the trauma, be it joy, innocence, trust, courage, stength and always independance... That which has been perceived to be missing throughout the life of the individual in question...

But how is the ceremony of Soul retrieval facilitated to the client by the shamanic practitioner?

In essence, the Shamanic practitioner 'journeys' (Please read the article - 'What is Shamanism' ) into 'non-ordinary reality' and retrieves the soul parts of the client, bringing them back to 'ordinary reality' and energetically transfers them into the energetic being of the client. The client then integrates this newly returned essence of themselves and often readily recognises that they are feeling 'more whole' than they previously were and begin to notice that they are living in more fully then previous.

Article by David de Warenne