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  David de Warenne    

Individual sessions with David are tailored to suit your own personal requirements. After a pre-interview within the initial first session together to access your intention for the session, David will formulate the best process for your individual case.

All sessions are conducted within a safe and professional environment with ethics of the highest standards being upheld within each of your personal sessions.

David has many professional modalities to offer you within his range of expertise that he can incooperate into your personalised sessions, all of which will be to your advantage in that he can offer you the best of his skills which many are internationlly recognised qualifications.

Each session will be at least an hour in duration, with the intial forst session being two hours duration to access the issues at hand. Full hourly rates will be endorsed for all sessions. (please see session professional rates and packages)

All clients are to be notified, depending on the scope of their personal requirements, that follow-up sessions (including coaching) may be professiobnally advised and will be offered for their consideration on a individual basis.

Note - Please read client 'contract' in 'Session Investment Guidelines' carefully before commting to any private one off sessions, and/or coaching sessions.

Individual 'One to One' Sessions