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  David de Warenne    

Coaching Session Investment Guidelines

One - 1 Hour Session =                            Full price -         NZ $150.00 (per hour)

Six - 1 Hour Sessions =                            10% Discount - NZ $810.00 (Inclusive)

Twelve (3 Months) - 1 Hour Sessions = 15% Discount - NZ $1530.00 (Inclusive)

Initial Coaching sessions are 2 hours in duration to establish clear intent for the session, to offer coaching instruction, and to establish building a continuing working relationship with each other. Please note that all payments are to be made in full before commencement of any coaching/consultation services, unless previously arranged with David.

All investments are indicated in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$)                                     Payment details will be provided upon your request to book your appointments. A payment plan available for coaching packages.                   Please enquire.  

For my International Clients - Please use PAYPAL for all your investment transactions. Details will be provided upon request.


* Bookings cancelled on a Saturday or Sunday (Business emails and texts are not checked on these days)...                                                             * Any appointments that are required to be cancelled wil be rescheduled in a timing that David and the client agree upon...                                 * David has the right to cancel, postpone or alter or any appointment dates (including coaching sessions). until further time that    synchronises with his personal itinerary.                                                                                                                                                                                     * This cancellation policy also applies to all appointments included within vouchers and gifts...

‚ÄčPlease be organised with your sheduling...

Email your cancellation notice to -                                                                                                               Phone / text to 027 375 9130  (NZ)

David de Warenne has the right to change any investment plan pricing at any given moment although any previous negoiated investment plans agreed upon with clients will be fully honoured.


By placing this booking you are accepting the following policy that if you choose to cancel any appointment 100% cancellation fee will be applied (cost of appointment), including -

* Bookings cancelled within 24 hours...                                                                       * 'No shows' and non-notified cancellations...