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  David de Warenne    

Personal Coaching packages - Create your own Coaching package to suit                                                                                 your own personal requirements and specific intentions which can be from                                                                            6 - 12 - or more in session duration.                                                                                                                                       Discounted investment prices for each block session quantity available...                                                                                  (Duration 6, 12 or more - See Coaching Investment Guide)


ABUNDANCE NOW Abundance is a mindset! With this extensive caoching package, learn how to claim abundance in all areas of your life – NOW! Learn how to consciously create the life you choose…                                                                  (Duration 12 sessions – NZ$1800.00)

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM Liberate yourself from whatver may be limiting your life, Old emotional patterns, Trauma, Limting beliefs that are holding you back and step into your own mastery…                                                                       
(Duration 12 sessions – NZ$1800.00)

 What is your life purpose? Align with your highest Destiny and launch yourself towards your most fondest of dreams!
                                                                                                                                                                 (Duration 6 sessions – NZ$900.00)

AWAKENING YOUR MAGNIFICENCE Become the person that you know that you are already within yourself. Awaken your full potential and embrace your Magnificence…                                                                                                                     
(Duration 12 sessions – NZ$1800.00)

EMPOWER Authenic empowerment comes from within yourself!  This extensive coaching package is a personal journey that will show you how to embody your authentic empowerment, so that you can recognise your unshakeable power within, allowing you to stand tall in your power and walk tall in your truth!
                                                                   (Duration 12 sessions – NZ$1800.00)

THE ART OF DELIBERATE CREATION Within this 6 session coaching/training program you will be given the ‘formula’ for consciously creating anthing that you choose that you would like to to experience in your life…                                      Each session will build upon the last until you have gained an understaning and experienced each aspect of conscious and deliberate creation... This is the path to personal Manifestation Mastery...                                                                      
(Duration 6 sessions – NZ$900.00)

THE POWER OF INTENTION – ‘Intention’ is the master key to direct you towards the destination of your choice. Learn how to program your internal GPS for success in all areas of your life and gain the insights, knowledge and guidance of how to actually do it…                                                                                                                                                                     
(Duration 6 sessions – NZ$900.00)

THE ART OF RAPPORT Learn the invaluable skills of how to connect with people at the most deespest of levels, as to create clear and clean communication, relationship, trust, harmony, cooperation and understanding.                   Partner, Children, Employees, Clients, Customers...                                                                                                            
Ethically influence your dealings with people in your favour as top leaders in world business can do…                               (Duration 6 sessions – NZ$900.00)

For further information regarding any Personal Coaching packages...                                                                                       or the Signature Coaching packages listed above, please contact David today for a free 20 minute consultation.

Signature Coaching packages